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East Haddam Ambulance Association

East Haddam Ambulance Association provides Emergency Medical Services to the town of East Haddam and Moodus. Our mission is to provide efficient and high quality Basic Life Support (BLS) services to individuals in need. Our team is comprised of highly trained EMTs who are dedicated to providing the best care possible. We take pride in our work and are committed to ensuring that our patients receive the highest level of care. Our services include emergency transportation and pre-hospital care. We are available 24/7 to respond to emergency calls and provide prompt and reliable service. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can assist you. 



Our Mission and Values

East Haddam Ambulance Association started in 1968 and is now celebrating 55 years of service to our community. A group of concerned citizens formed our non-profit association and purchased an old Cadillac ambulance from a funeral home. The requirement for volunteers was a First Aid / CPR card. There were 63 calls for service in the first year. The ambulance could only be dispatched by one of the two doctors in town. EHAA was proud to add nurses to their crew who elevated the level of care prior to Emergency Medical Technician courses being offered. Households were asked to make a $5 donation to the association annually in return for free ambulance services for anyone. If you did not have a card and needed the ambulance, you were offered the opportunity to join instead of paying a bill. The volunteers took EMT courses as they became available. New equipment and skills were introduced. A new Cadillac ambulance was purchased. Fifty-five years later, the EHAA continues to meet the challenges of pre-hospital emergency care by creating new and innovative ways to provide care for the community. There are two ambulances and an SUV to respond to the calls. There are volunteers and employees staffing the ambulance. There is a paramedic through the Middlesex Health for responses with all ALS calls. There were 939 total calls for service last year. We have overnight quarters for employees that are comfortable and perfect for students, EMTs looking for a little down time, etc. EHAA continues to grow and change to serve the community.   



Basic Life Support

For medical emergencies that require Basic Life Support (BLS), dictated by our county dispatch center, is provided by our highly trained EMTs. 

Advanced Life Support

For medical emergencies that require Advanced Life Support (ALS), dictated by our county dispatch center, are handled by Middlesex Health Paramedics, who provide Advanced Life Support with the assistance of our EMTs. 


During medical emergencies, we provide safe and efficient transportation to hospitals.   Our vehicles are equipped with up to date medical equipment, following all state and federal regulations.

Medical Standbys 

East Haddam EMS is committed to helping our community. If you are thinking about hosing an event, and would like an EMT or Ambulance dedicated to your event, please reach out to us!  



Our Team in Action

Check out our gallery to see our team in action and learn more about our services.

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